Thursday, March 26, 2015

icc cricket cup 2015 info

There are 14 teams in the cricket world cup. Here are the matches with the winners. NZ New Zealand, Aus Australia,  Sri Lanka Sri, Eng England, Rsa South Africa, Zimbabwe Zim, Ind India , Pak Pakistan,Irl Ireland, Wi West Indies, Scotland Sco, Ban Bangladesh , Afg Afghanistan, Uae United Emirates
NZ beat Sri  , Aus beat Eng  , Rsa beat Zim  , Ind beat Pak  ,  Irl beat Wi  , NZ beat Sco  , Ban beat Afg  ,  Zim beat Uae ,  NZ beat Eng  , Wi beat Pak  , Sri beat Afg,  Ind beat Rsa ,  Eng beat Sco , Wi beat Zim , Ire beat Uae, Afg beat Sco, Sri beat Ban , Rsa beat Wi , NZ beat Aus , India beat Uae , Sri beat Eng , Pak beat Zim , Rsa beat Irl , Pak beat Uae, Aus beat Afg, Aus beat Sco, Ind beat Wi, Pak beat Rsa , Irl beat Zim, NZ beat Afg, Aus beat Sri, Ban beat Eng, Ind beat Irl, Sri beat Sco, Rsa beat Uae, NZ beat Ban, Eng beat Afg, Ind beat Zim, Aus beat Sco, Wi beat Uae , Pak Beat Irl,

India and NZ undefeated

Rsa thrashed Sri
 Ind beat Ban
Aus beat Pakistan
NZ beat Wi

NZ beat Rsa
Aus bet Ind

NZ vs Aus

highest individual score 2015 cup

wi, 215 Chris Gayle
zim,138 Brendan Taylor
nz,237 Martin Guptill
uae, 106 Shaiman Anwar
ind, 137 Rohit Sharma
aus,178 David Warne
ban, 128 Mohammad Mahmudullah                  This is the cricket world cup logo
irl, 112 Ed Joyce
afg, 96 Samiullah Shenwari
eng, 128 Moeen Ali
rsa, 162 Ab DE Villers
pak, 101 Safraz Ahmed
sco, 156 Kyle koetzer
sri, 161 Tllakaratne Dilshan

Martin Guptill highest world cup individual score in cricket world cup history, 237. made on Saturday 21st of march 2015.

Friday, March 13, 2015

sea shell man two2

George was holding the animal for several minutes. He was just about to put it back when he saw a bottle on the side of it. he grabbed the bottle he opened the lid of the very small bottle. then he got note and read" george you are the  chosen one to take my place I am sick I need you to be SHELL MAN he said I will give you the uniform 'George said I will he changed in to den den shell man.Then he f lough all the way to his bass  his members was Flash , And the leader Cap America and his side kick Iron man. he knew he was all ready a good superhero.

                             the                                                                    end

Friday, March 6, 2015

sea shell man

island sea man
one day George was walking on the beach then it hit him it was green. He got knocked out after 2 minutes he woke up he just realized he was on this island he saw shore but not very clearly. He sat on the island and gazed and thought how did I get here saying in a normal voice. His mind had lovely ideas but he didn't know if was right or wrong. he started to swim for a couple of minutes when he was close to the island again he saw something out of the corner of his eye. He went back to have a look he put his hand down then he felt it he brang it to the surface. It looked like a sea animal but dead.

                            part 2 coming soon

Friday, February 27, 2015

swimming sports

On Wednesday it was the swimming sports. There were quite a lot of people there. The strokes  were freestyle and breaststroke with backstroke. I did all of them. Sophia Langford probably won the girl cup and Hugh Kilsby probably won the boys cup. I'm going to the inter-schools for breaststroke.                    

Thursday, February 19, 2015


India is a subcontinent it has about a quarter of the world. They have the world's highest mountain in Nepal.
 Bay of Bengal is in the Indian ocean it is the world's biggest bay. India loves cricket the most.
 India has 1.5 billion people. India is home to amazing building and landscapes such as Taj Mahal. Shah Rhuk khan is the most famous person in India  he is an movie actor. India is playing in this years cricket world cup. They are winning pool b at the moment.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

swimming fun water sports

On Wednesday it was Nga Rakau Nui water sports day. Every house team had 2 sides, even and odd. Kea probably won because they got lots of wins. I was in Takahe. We did not come 1st in any of our races but at least we got 2nd.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

helping hands

                                             HELPING HANDS
On Wednesday we made helping hands. You had to put warm color's on the finger's and cold on the palm.And we are using them for our job chart