Friday, March 6, 2015

sea shell man

island sea man
one day George was walking on the beach then it hit him it was green. He got knocked out after 2 minutes he woke up he just realized he was on this island he saw shore but not very clearly. He sat on the island and gazed and thought how did I get here saying in a normal voice. His mind had lovely ideas but he didn't know if was right or wrong. he started to swim for a couple of minutes when he was close to the island again he saw something out of the corner of his eye. He went back to have a look he put his hand down then he felt it he brang it to the surface. It looked like a sea animal but dead.

                            part 2 coming soon


  1. Great writing George - I can't wait to see what George saw out of the corner of his eye......!

  2. sounds very exiting wonder what happens next

  3. I wonder what it is! Sounds exciting....... I love an imaginative story (but don't forget those capital letters!)